Chris Travis

Chris Travis

—Get Back


Get Back - Chris Travis

Anonymous asked: U get so many compliments on ur music, Do u know yourself that your music is something Speacial? Or are u to cool to notice? Lol peace & love kenshin

just a bunch of people that feel the way I feel

Anonymous asked: Its really cool how your from Tennessee (I live there) it seems like there's never been any rappers I really like that are from here.


bvsedness asked: ever gunna tour to louisiana? u got fans out here and no good artist ever do shows here

hopefully this year

uppxr-xchxlon asked: Your music goes hard πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•come to SXSW next year, much love

I shall.

miloxav asked: aye real shit you changed my mindset & the way i think about things. water boyz 4eva im rockin with em.