Chris Travis


Anonymous asked: Its really cool how your from Tennessee (I live there) it seems like there's never been any rappers I really like that are from here.


bvsedness asked: ever gunna tour to louisiana? u got fans out here and no good artist ever do shows here

hopefully this year

bvl-mvyne asked: Your music goes hard πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•come to SXSW next year, much love

I shall.

miloxav asked: aye real shit you changed my mindset & the way i think about things. water boyz 4eva im rockin with em.


puenteadam asked: I look up too you man. I really want you to come to my senior year party class of 2015 dallas texas show these mainstream niggas what real is and what music is really suppose to sound like. Take care and keep doing you.

wish I could

srcstc asked: you dont even make music anymore, you make the purest art around