Chris Travis


Chris Travis - Live From The Creek


bapske asked: You ever plan on coming to NYC?


yungapex-deactivated20140907 asked: "Used to hide the weed from my momma, now I'm steppin' out in ya town every summerr.." Come to NYC the city needs to be purified lmao "Waterboys bitch we next up" 💧

shoutout nyc

blackdeenyo asked: DOWN SOUTH nigga ima put it on the table, ran the pussy like im drift car racin! aaaaaahhhh chris slow it down for these man aha

Chris Travis

—Get Back


Get Back - Chris Travis

Anonymous asked: U get so many compliments on ur music, Do u know yourself that your music is something Speacial? Or are u to cool to notice? Lol peace & love kenshin

just a bunch of people that feel the way I feel